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Best Offline games for Android: Hye Crazians, Like you I am also a game lover. But most of the time we downloaded a game, It is an online running game and most of us can’t play Game Online for their own reasons. So, today I am back with the Solution of this Problem. Today I will list out 5 best offline android games for Android 2018. And I am sure that you also will like all these games. These are the Worlds best Game that I have ever played. So, I hope that you also will like them.

Best Offline Games for Android


Games are very Lovable thing on this Planet. Not only you, everyone on this planet loves to play games. Some play games on their pc or Some play on their Android Mobile. Games also help us in increasing our Focus power and memory. But playing exxess Games can leads to damage of our Memory. So, lets start to list out our Most favourite Offline Android Games in 2018:

Best offline games for android

  1. Asphalt 8

best offline games for android

It is the One of the Most Rated game on the Google play Store. This Game is a Car racing game and also a very lovable game by all its Users. It has over 200 millions plus downloads. Asphalt 8 is 2013 racing game developed by the Gameloft Barcelona and published by Gameloft as a part of the Asphalt Series.

I totally love this game. It is the Ultimate Racing Game. You can also play it by Downloading it from google play store and take the fun of this game.

2. Subway Surfer

best offline games for android

It is also a very Lovable and Interesting game. It is a Running game where a Child is running and police is chasing him. There are lots of fun in this Journey. Here you can also play Online and score higher than your Friends. Here, you can collect coins and Unlock different types of Hoverboards, Characters and Collect Magnets etc.

It is top rated games in this Category. It has 1 billion downloads on the Google play Store. The love of this Game is spreading day by day. This game can be easily found in the phone of every Second Android User. You can download this game from playstore and take the fun of this Game.

3. N.O.V.A Legacy

best offline games for android

N.O.V.A Legacy which is a best Action Game for Androids on the Google Play Store. It has over 10 millions plus downloads. Its has also Multi-player leagues. You can also lay with your friends in this Game. It is one of the best Offline Action game for Android.

This game is very popular nowadays among the Childrens. It is a very addictive Games with lots of different levels. In my opinion Guns are the best thing in this game. I love to play with Guns. You can Download this Game from Google Play Store and can enjoy this Game by your Own.

4. Traffic Rider

best offline games for android

It is a free available Game on the Google play Store. It is a Bike Racing Game where you have to ride your Bike on the Roads with not Hitting to the other Cars and Trucks. Here, you get cash, with that you can Buy Cars and increase its Speed, Flexibility etc.

It has over 100 million plus download on the Google play Store. It is a very Amazing Game with Different-different tracks, Roads etc. Here, you will always a spark for unlocking levels and Cars. It is avery Addictive and lovable Game. You can Downloa this Games from Google Play Store and can Enjoy it.

5. Bike Racing 3D

best offline games for android

Bike Racing 3D is the First Game that I played on a Android Device. It is a ver Addictive Game. This Game have lots of levels where you have to Complete the level task to move to another level. Here you can also upgrade your Bike’s performance with the Coins you have Collected.

This Game has over 50 million plus downloads on the Google Play Store. I also Love this Game. I was very Addictive to this Game. You can play this Game by downloading it from Google Play Store and take the fun ot this Game.

Best Offline Games for Android: So, this is the list of the Games that you can play on your Android device without Internet. These all are the Offline Playing Games. I hope that you like this Article and you can also share it With your friends on Social Sites. So, that’s it for this time We will meet on the next with another Intersting topic till then Bye…




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