What is Blogging? How It Can Change your life?

What is Blogging–: Hii, Crazians, today we are going to discuss about blogging. It is actually what I am doing. The place where you are reading this article is a Website and Writing Content or Posts on the website is actually known as Blogging.

So, today we are going to talk about all these stuff and I will also tell you that What will it cost to make a new website and also many many things like which Hosting is best for you in the Beginning.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the medium of sharing your thoughts and knowledge worldwide. Here, you will book a domain which is your address in the world of Internet. And on this Website which you will make on the domain which you will buy, You can share anything.

You can do Blogging in any case that can be that You want to earn money, you have passion towards writing or you loves to share your knowledge. But here you dont only have to work Hardly but Smartly.

How to Make your Own Website

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Let me tell you in short that how you can make your site that will be live for your audience-:

  1. First step is that you have to buy a Domain from GoDaddy or Bigrock which will cost you around 400-500 Rs. You can also buy domain from other sites if you want.
  2. Second step is to buy a place where you will host your domain. You have to buy a Hosting. You can buy Hosting from anywhere But Before buying also see its Reviews.
  3. Now you have to change your Nameservers of the domain. You can found Nameservers in the domain setting from where you Buy the Domain.
  4. Last Step is to Install WordPress and Design your site and do SEO to rank your site and get Organic Visits from Google.

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How you will Rank your Website?

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There are lots of things you generally have to do If you want to rank you Website In google or any other Search Engine. All these Search Engines runs on Algorithms which changes time to time. Anyone don’t know that what are these Algorithms But we have some Ways that will Rank your website Fastly On Google.

  1. Focus on your Content. Make your Content Best and Do regular Updates on your Websites this will give Signals to the Google that this Website is have a new page daily So, lets See what it is.
  2. You have to make Quality Backlinks to rank your Sites. Generally Backlinks are the links to your Site.
  3. Use Images in your content to make It attractive and this will also decrease your Bounce Rate.
  4. Do Proper SEO. There are lots of site from where you can Buy Courses to learn SEO like Udemy.

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Why you Should do Blogging?

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As I have already told you that What is Blogging. The main Question which will now Come to your mind is that why we should do this. What’s the Profit. So, let me tell you If you are passionate towards Writing and Sharing your Knowledge then It is not Difficult for you to do blogging. But If you are not passionate towards Writing then How It can help you? So, let’s discuss about that-:

  1. If you have Successfully rank you site in Google and any other search Engines than you can put Google’s or any other Company’s ads on your site and by this you can generate a Good Revenue. Nowadays, a lots of peoples are Earning about 1 to lakhs per Month from Blogging. So, this can help you Economically.
  2. Blogging actually means writing. so, when you will write about Something then It will definitely improve your Creativity and thinking Power.

I hope guys that you have Understood that how you can make your Own site and rank it. This tutorial is in short If you want to learn more about SEO then you can search on our Site there are lots of Articles available. If you enjoyed this article then Don’t forget to share this Article on Social Sites. That’s it for Now till then Bye…


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