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What is SEO and How it Works: Hii, guys today we are going to understand about SEO and how it works. Every new Blogger takes SEO as a very hard thing But actually It is not. In this lecture or module we are going to learn about SEO and Its types in short. Wait guys there are many articles coming on the SEO and how you can optimize your site for a good ranking in google, bing, Yahoo etc or any other Search Engines.

Seriously when I am very new to blogging, I actually think at that time that SEO is a very hard thing to do on a site. But as long as I contunied to blogging, SEO becomes more and more simpler and easier for me. Let me let you what SEO is not – SEO is not what you can learn by reading dozens of Articles or Post, You can only learn SEO by practice and experience but Guide is also very important to do and I am providing it to you.

What Is SEO And How it Works


what is seo and how it works

Lets understand – What is SEO – SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the the process of Optimizing you site to
improve its ranking on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Here
Optimizing means making changes. Thats It 🙂

Later On we learn What is SEO and how it works in detail —

Importance Of SEO

For Example – If today you make a site, and from that day you started writing posts – 2 or 3 daily because you are very hard working But what happen if after one or two months there are daily 10 to 20 visitors on your site. You will be Demotivated. So, If you are deciding to come in Blogging then You not only have to work hard but also have to do smart work that is called SEO in the blogging World. Its is the Guide to What is SEO and how it works.

SEO will help you to get more and more visitors on your site in less effort and time. This is the key to Success in the Blogging career But Unfotunately SEO keeps changing with time to time. It is same not today what it is was in last 2 to 3 years. Google or another big Search engines keep changing their Algorithms to rank a site on top. So, the thing you need in ranking your site is experience with SEO. Ther are also lots of agencies online that are ready to do SEO of your site in the place of Money. They will charge you money and will do SEO of you site, But I suggest you to not go with them, If you really want to take it as your career. SEO is not as hard as lots of people thing It is! This article will make you understand that what is SEO and how it works.

The main aim of this post is to make you understand that what is seo and how it works 🙂

Types Of SEO

what is seo and how it works

There are two types of SEO –


Lets understand each of them separately –


ON-PAGE SEO is the process of optimizing your article or post for better ranking in Google Search Results – like using main keywords in your post, make a long article etc.

How you can do ON-PAGE SEO 

  • KEYWORD REASEARCHING – Before writing article, do some keyword reaserching and find out some best keywords for you. Keyword should be low competitive if you are running a new website beacuse your site doesn’t have any reputaion in starting.
  • UNIQUE ARTICLE – Some new bloggers thinks that they can copy others post and can get traffic on their site But in reality It is not possible. At the time of ranking, Search Engines check the Uniqueness of the article after that they rank them.
  • KEYWORD DENSITY- You have to use 2 or 3 percentage of keywords in your whole article like if you wrote a article of a length of 500 words then you should use you main keyword three or four times in your whole article. Don’t use keyword more than this because Google can penalize your website If you do this.
  • BIG ARTICLE- When a user search anything on google, Google tries to give the best results to their users So, it is also a ranking factor that Google ranks a big article first that explain everything deeply.
  • YOAST TOOL – If you are a blogger then you are familier with this tool. It is the tool that helps you to do proper ON-PAGE SEO of your site. So, make sure you have install it in your wordpress account.


OFF-PAGE SEO means to make links to your site from guest posting, commenting , 2.0 directories Submission. You have to make backlinks to your site to improve your ranking in google results. You can make backlinks from many ways as I mentioned Above.

What is Backlinks – Backlinks are the link or url of your site on other site. But while making backlinks who have to choose quality in place of quantity.

For example- If you make a new site and already there is your one friend who have his site with good ranking and have 1000 visitors daily. So, for helping you blog to grow if he give link of your site on his website, then Its a backlink to your site.

Guest Posting- Guest posting is posting your content on others website either paid or free in return of a backlink to your site. You have to do guest posting regualry because the link which you get from the body of the content is very powerful.

Directory Submission- It is the another way to get backlinks to your site. There are lots of site in the market that only exists to give you backlink in return of money or time. You simply have to google “Directory Submission site list” then you will get a lits of site that is ready to give you backlinks.

NoteWhile making backlinks, make sure that you are making backlinks from the site that has more reputation or DA PA in compare to your site. Dont make make linking with porn or aduly sites. It will decrease your ranking If you will make linking with adult or porn or Adult sites.


Mistakes Not to do While Making Backlinks

  • Don’t make backlinks from adult or porn sites.
  • Make backlink from only high DA PA Sites because Google believes in Quality rather than Quantity.
  • Don’t make more backlinks from commenting because in excess it is consider as Spamming in the eyes of Search Engines.
  • Don’t make more than 10 backlinks daily because there are systems of Google like Penguins that can detect spamming from your site and can penalize it Because Google says that Backlinks should be natural.

What is SEO and How It works: I finally hope that you have understand about What is SEO and how it works and how it is important and How to to it etc. Guys there are lots of article coming soon on this website about SEO, So be updated. If you enjoyed this article the you can like it or can share it with your friends on Social media. Thanks a lot for reading till end. Bye. HAVE A GOOD DAY 🙂

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What is seo and how does It works!

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